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He needs to look grumpier, if he’s going to have Grumpy Cat on his hoodie. Unless he’s thinking, “hey… I could totally blow up the Chantry. Whoa.”

I could buy that.

Half-tempted to write some modern AU where Anders is the angsty, Marxist hipster who crashes out on Hawke’s couch only to— surprise!— turn out to be a terrorist. But that sounds like work, and I’m on vacation.

Love the picture. Back to the margaritas.




Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #2 preview


True story: I get to SDCC with my Qunaribela costume like so

At one point, I was talking to Dave Gaider, and it turns out that he had coincidentally been writing this very scene when he saw the tweet where I announced the fact that I was making Qunaribela.

I’ve been waiting a veeeeeeeeery long time to say this, but:

Haters gonna hate

also, sup Spader *high fives*


I sent Chad a picture of Allegra’s Qunaribela and said, “please make her look like this as much as you can? kthx”. Why? Because Allegra rocked it, and the original drawing was awesome, and why not?

Word to the wise: don’t mess with Allegra. She knows.

(Also: the comic is now available online. Go geddit.)


Lenticular and wave clouds are cool, but they don’t hold a candle to the undulatus asperatus clouds. Not new, but new to science, its Latin name means “undulating wave”. it’s like staring up from under the sea, or from beneath an undulating ice formation, except we are seeing a cloud rather than a solid or liquid.

They look ominous, but are rarely stormy. Why they form and what their pattern means? I haven’t been able to find anything. Can you?

(via APOD)

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